I don’t enjoy talking or writing about myself; I like my photographs to do that for me. Yet I know it is helpful for those reviewing my body of work to know a little about me and how I approach my profession.The photo I’ve elected to include of me is from my first visit to Poland at the age of 10.My Ciocia Nusia bought me my first camera, igniting a curiosity that has matured over time and experience but remains the cornerstone of my approach to my work. Photography has provided me with the opportunity to work with subjects and attend events that I would otherwise have missed, thereby enriching my professional and personal lives.I love the creative side of photography and each year complete independent photographic projects, so I continue to learn and never become complacent. . My goal is to help such organizations develop their voice. When working with clients, I firmly believe collaboration is important to ensure the product is of the highest quality, meets the clients’ needs and desires, and is delivered timely. No matter what size a project is, I pride myself in doing whatever it takes to get a great product. My clients range from Loyola Hospital, BusinessWeek, DDB, Supercuts, Northwestern University, Forbes, Follett of Higher Learning, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, BlackWell Consulting, First Health, Harley Davidson, GTCR, Simple Truth, Allstate and Apple, Inc.